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Mentoring Relationships

Most incidences of homelessness can be directly tied to a breakdown in relationships or a lack of a support system. Our mentoring relationships provide Jubilants with an opportunity to experience a healthy relationship and learn relationship skills. This empowers them to build a support system and decreases the likelihood of an additional episode of homelessness.

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Project/Passion Mentor

These mentors spend at least one hour a month with a Jubilant for the purpose of relationship building and growth centered around a specific project or area of passion. Art mentors and Business mentors are good examples.

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...are Integral to our Program.

Our mentoring program features connections with Jubilee Navigators that work intensively with Jubilants for 8-12 hours per month. We also provide support through mentors focused on a project or passion area that meet 1-4 hours per month.

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Jubilee Navigator

These mentors consistently evaluate which areas of support are most appropriate to focus on. They help Jubilants set achievable goals, identify the support required to reach those goals, connect to resources, and act as a cheerleader along the way.  

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Monthly meeting with Jubilee Leadership

0:30 minutes

Report on mentorship time.
Review relationship and get feedback as needed.
Review and submit documentation.
Ask questions and receive suggestions/direction as needed.
In person or virtual, volunteer mentor’s choice. 


Monthly Training 

2 hours

Community Conversations
Most First Sundays @ South Naz
Workshop issues with clients (anonymously) with other mentors
Required to attend 2 out of every 3 scheduled meetings Training covers support topics for communicating empathically and openly disadvantaged community members, providing effective support, and more.
Mentor support group
Open to the public 

Relationship Building

1 hour

Time to build relationships, just to enjoy being in each other’s company.
Builds trust, inspires vulnerability.
Encourages authenticity, inspires vibrancy.
Suggestions include: coffee, bible study, hiking. Other activities that create space for and encourage conversation.
Optional prompts that promote conversation will be provided. 


Advocacy and Accountability

30 minutes to 1 hour

Learning what effective accountability looks like in this relationship.
Being a sounding board for difficulties.
Social problem solving.
Ask Jubilants about what they need; for example hygiene, seasonally appropriate clothing, etc.
Being present when making phone calls to agencies, if needed. May address programs such as CMH, Medicaid, Food Stamps, etc.
May be incorporated in other spaces (relationship building, connection to community). . 

Goal Setting and Evaluation

30 minutes to 1 hour

Create at least one goal for the month, for the year, and for five years.
Time to celebrate successes and/or reflect on why we’re struggling.
Help Jubilants identify tiny, digestible, action steps.
Fill out goal evaluation forms. 

Working Toward Goals

1 hour

Specific time to work on 1-2 pre-identified goals together.
Examples: Read a book together, drop off applications for jobs, learn to cook, exercise, etc.
Guided by Jubilants. 

Connection to Community

1 to 2 hours

Goal: stretch their network and community with the focus of connecting them with healthy and positive influences.
Help find or facilitate extracurriculars as guided by their interests.
Experience and interact with the community around them, with specific focus on activities that aren’t typically accessible to households living in poverty.
Examples include: horseback riding, go karting, simple vacations, lessons, joining groups, going out to dinner, artistic pursuits, sporting games, music festivals, etc.  

Building a Support System

30 minutes to 90 minutes

Goal setting for creating their ideal support system.
Identify steps to accomplishing their goals.
Provide the Jubilant space to reflect on their current community influences, their personality, thoughts, habits, feelings, and behaviors.
Help Jubilant identify healthy and positive influences around them.
Coach Jubilant to build relationships with healthy and positive people. 


30 minutes to 90 minutes

Give Jubilants rides to appointments, job interviews, community events, enrichment opportunities, etc.

What Our Clients Say

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