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Jubilee Welcomes You

Jubilee is a network that connects disadvantaged community members in the Greater Lansing Area with Effective Support and Transformative Opportunities. 

Our Services

Hot Stew
Packing Food in Boxes
Peeling Carrots

Overcome Homelessness

Are you working to overcome homelessness? Learn more about the services we provide to households working to overcome homelessness.

Help End Homelessness

Is there someone you care about who is homeless? Learn more about how we can help you support someone who is working to overcome homelessness.

Learn About Homelessness

Would you like to learn more about how your church, business, or organization can respond effectively to homelessness in the community? Learn more about our homeless response consulting and poverty awareness training modalities and options.

Our Programs

Bright Futures Initiative

This program seeks to identify youth that have experienced homelessness or have significant risk factors. Once identified, Jubilee works with adult family members to ensure stability in the home, and directly provides effective support and transformative opportunities to the young people.One of the significant goals of this program is to provide equitable access to support and activities for young people living in poverty. We want them to have the opportunity to believe that they belong in environments typically thought of to be reserved for people in the middle class.

Permanent Supportive Housing

In March of 2024, Jubilee signed a contract with the Lansing Housing Commission as a sub-recipient under a Federal HUD Grant. Lansing Housing Commission staff distribute the rental payments, while Jubilee provides all of the case management and supportive services. We provide supportive services to 24 participants with disabilities and a history of chronic homelessness. We are excited to serve them as we improve Community-Sourced Permanent Supportive Housing for families who are overcoming homelessness.

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